Things you must tell your Car Accident Lawyer Orange County

Things you must tell your Car Accident Lawyer Orange County

Once you are done with the Initial Consultation session and have made up your mind to hire a particular Car Accident Lawyer Orange County, you should indulge in a detailed discussion mentioning every little detail of the collision and the case to your legal counsel.

Here’s a list of all the things that you must tell your Car Accident Lawyer Orange County. Take a look,
Give him the exact date, time and location of the accident at the same time mentioning the condition of the traffic signal right then on that road. Give him a detailed account of the injuries you incurred, mention each and every bruise and swelling. Also provide him with the medical reports and records including x-ray sheets and other relevant details. He needs to have a sound idea of your medical condition at the moment. Also mention any particular physical condition that you had previously and mention a physician’s report on how it has deteriorated since the accident. Mention if you had already been having any fractures prior to the accident.

Mention how much pain and suffering you are going through which is affecting your normal course of life. Also mention how the accident has affected the normal course of life of your family members causing considerable suffering to them as well.

Talk to him about the professional damages you incurred, the number of hours lost at work, loss of wages and salaries and the incentives you would have been entitled to in case you were actively performing right now. An employer’s note in this context could prove to be helpful.

In case of a permanent dismemberment or disability, you need to discuss in detail with the Orange County Car Accident Lawyer and calculate an appropriate compensation amount that can be any where near the serious loss you suffered.

If there was a loss of life then it’s necessary for you to mention all the details to the attorney. Such grave damages need to be handled with far more care and caution.

Also talk to him about the various damages caused to your vehicle. In case you have already taken your care to an auto body shop provide him with the bills. This is significant because personal injury cases are often dealt on as contingency basis. According to this agreement the attorney is supposed to pay for all these expenses until the case is resolved and compensation is recovered.

Talk to him about how you dealt with the authorities, the police and the Paramedics right after the accident. If possible provide him with a copy of the police report and the initial medical report from the Paramedics.
It would be great if you could show the Orange County car accident injury attorney some pictures of the accident scene. Talk to him in detail about the scene of collision as your verbal account is a significant element that the accident reconstructionists will work on.

These are some of the very important facts that you need to mention to your Car Accident lawyer Orange County during the consultation process of your case. It is very necessary for the lawyer to know each and every detail about the case so that he could prepare a solid claim on your behalf.