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Energy Drinks Alleged to Have Caused Harm and Death

The Nations Concerns about the Effects of Energy Drinks Many individuals and organizations across the nation have voiced serious concerns over the usage of energy drinks citing that they allegedly pose severe health concerns especially to young people. Usage of these drinks that contain caffeine is alleged to cause cardiac and cardiovascular problems that could…

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Car Accidents Causing More Bicycle Fatalities

Bicycle Fatalities Resulting In Wrongful Death Lawsuits In one recent incident a driver was arrested and prosecuted for a hit and run accident that killed a bicyclist. Police continue to seek witnesses and the automobile driver testified Thursday that he didn’t see the cyclist and thought he had struck a deer. He said he pulled…

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Orange County Day Cares May Get Car Accident Barriers

Lily Quintus, age 4, died after she was struck by a hit-and- run driver who crashed into the orange county daycare center she was at. Fourteen other victims suffered severe to minor injuries. Following this car accident, Orange County Mayor announced that a group had been formed to evaluate the risk of car accidents at…

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