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Daughter of Former News Anchor Killed in Tragic Crash

On Christmas Eve in South Carolina, weather and road conditions are thought to be the cause of a fatal accident. Former news anchor Marty Matthews and her family were traveling on Interstate 95 to celebrate the holidays with her son, when her husband, driving the vehicle ran off the side of the road after losing…

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4.5 million Americans Suffer from a Dog Bite

Dog Bite Injuries Each year, over 4.5 million Americans suffer a dog bite. Half of these injuries are children. Many of these injuries require medical attention. Most of these injuries are caused not by a stray, but by a friendly dog or neighbor’s dog. Tips to Help Prevent Dog Bites In deciding to get a…

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Motorcycle Accidents are Rising Steadily

Throughout 2013, more than 114,000 people were involved in motorcycle accidents resulting in serious injuries. Most of these accidents were not caused by the motorcyclists. Conversely, other drivers are more often than not the cause of accidents involving motorcyclists. Due to their vulnerability, motorcyclists tend to be more careful and are very diligent in looking…

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CalPac Gas & Electric Ordered to Pay $1.4 Billion in Personal Injury Damages

Personal Injury Cases Resulting from CalPac Crisis There are many types of Personal Injury cases and the following is one that has received national attention. Recently California’s Pacific Gas and Electric Company was ordered to pay $1.4 billion in penalties by the California Public Utilities Commission for violating safety standards relating to a very deadly…

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Personal Injury Attorney Says Abusive Assemblyman Doesn’t Powder His Nose

West Covina Democrat, Assemblyman Roger Hernandez has had a second brush with the law this year after a 31-year woman obtained an emergency order against him.  The woman, whose order was appealed by a judicial commissioner, claims that Hernandez is a cocaine-sniffing fiend and struck her with a belt after slamming her against a wall…

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