Personal Injuries

What is a “personal” injury?

This is a term that we are all familiar with, but what does it really mean? Very simply, it means that the injury is “personal” or unique to the victim.

What are “soft tissue” injuries?

The vast majority of automobile related accidents result in “soft tissue” injuries, typically to the victim’s neck, back and/or shoulder areas. These are typically injuries to ligaments, tendons and/or muscles. Over the past twenty (20) years, insurance companies have methodically and successfully launched a campaign against consumers who suffer “just” soft-tissue injuries from accidents, whether they are automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, assaults, slip and falls, or motorcycle accidents.

As a result of the sustained campaign by the insurance industry, juries have bought into it and award less money for “soft tissue” injuries than what are perceived to be more serious injuries like, for example, fractures, burns or scars. That is, if a jury can’t “see, feel or touch it” it must not be serious.

Insurance companies no longer agree to binding arbitration in soft-tissue injury cases because they know that the claimant will spend more money going to trial than the claim is actually worth. Many attorneys who represent injured victims have given up on these kind of cases because their values have plummeted to the point where it’s not worth their time and effort.

Kenneth G. Marks is committed to continue to represent soft tissue injury clients on a realistic basis such that the client understands the pitfalls of the case from the outset. He successfully settles these cases in such a manner that it still works out for everyone.

What are “serious” or “catastrophic” injuries?

We take all of your injuries seriously, from soft tissue injuries to wrongful death. But when you hear the phrase “serious injuries” or “catastrophic injuries,” lawyers are typically referring to the type of injuries that will naturally strike a chord with a potential jury – that is, the type you can “see, feel or touch”:

  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Loss of sight
  • Loss of limbs
  • Scars
  • Death
  • Other disfigurement

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