Pedestrian Accidents


Orange County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer
Betty is a 73 year old woman who just left her bank and was walking in the parking lot. A car backed out of its stall and struck her. She sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured leg. Unfortunately, the car and the driver who hit her were uninsured and had no assets. How could Kenneth G. Marks help this injured pedestrian?

As part of his interview with Betty, he learned that she lived on Social Security and, more important, that she lived with her daughter who had uninsured motorist coverage on her car. Kenneth G. Marks did some legal research on uninsured motorist drivers and learned that Betty qualified as a “member of a household” and that her daughter’s auto insurance covered Betty’s injuries. Mr. Marks settled the case for $50,000, which represented her daughter’s uninsured motorist policy limits.

Orange County pedestrian accidents are accidents in which a pedestrian is typically struck by a car, truck, bike or motorcycle where they suffer personal injuries. When a pedestrian is complying with all road safety regulations and they are injured in a pedestrian accident, it is essential that you contact Kenneth G. Marks as soon as possible so he can gather and document all of the necessary facts associated with your injury accident. If the pedestrian is killed, the pedestrian's family should speak with attorney Kenneth G. Marks to determine whether they wish to bring a wrongful death claim on behalf of the loved one’s family. When a pedestrian suffers injuries, he or she should hire an Orange County pedestrian accident lawyer to protect his or her legal rights.

Pedestrian Accidents Are Often Caused By Cars
Most Orange County pedestrian accidents are caused by cars in which the pedestrian will suffer serious injuries which may include broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, soft tissue injuries or may result in the death of the pedestrian.

Kenneth G. Marks will work with you so you may receive the medical treatment you require as well as seeking compensation from the driver who hit you and their insurance company.

How Do These Types of Pedestrian Accidents Happen?
Pedestrian accidents can result when automobile drivers:

  • fail to look before pulling into or out of a driveway;
  • making a right turn into a cross walk and hitting a pedestrian;
  • drive through a red light;
  • fail to stop at a stop sign;
  • failure to yield;
  • driving while intoxicated or drunk;
  • failure to obey traffic signs; and
  • failure to obey traffic signals.

A pedestrian may spend months or even years in a hospital unconscious, may undergo extensive surgeries, participate in physical therapy, be prescribed expensive drugs, and have years of future medical costs. Our Orange County pedestrian injury accident attorney, Kenneth G. Marks, will assist you in receiving the compensation you deserve from your pedestrian accident.