Lake Forest Personal Injury Attorney Gives General Overview of Brain Injuries

Lake Forest Personal Injury Attorney Gives General Overview of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are a potentially life threatening development that’s not always apparent or visible. If you sustained brain injuries, you must retain the services of an expert brain injury lawyer. Lake Forest injury attorney Kenneth G. Marks can gather all the important facts regarding your brain injury case and make a successful claim for compensation.

The effects of brain injuries
Even a minor brain injury can seriously harm your memory, your cognitive abilities, and even your personality. The effects of brain injuries are not always immediately noticeable after an accident; occasionally, the symptoms are revealed only months or years after a traumatic event such as a fall or car accident. Just getting a proper diagnosis for a traumatic brain injury can be difficult, since: (1) you may feel normal immediately after the accident; (2) some injuries are not always easily visible through brain scans; or (3) many emergency room doctors frequently neglect to take the time to ask the right questions. If you need help with proper medical documentation of your injury by a brain injury lawyer, personal injury lawyer Kenneth G. Marks can assist you.

The causes of brain injuries
Statistically, traumatic brain injuries most commonly result from falls, car accidents, physical blows, and assault. A person suffers a traumatic brain injury when his or her brain is damaged after the head is hit or jolted by an object or when an object enters the skull into the brain tissue. The injury can be mild to severe. A person who is inflicted with a mild brain injury may temporarily lose consciousness or remain conscious but experience confusion, dizziness, blurred vision, shift in mood, or difficulties in focusing or remembering. A person who suffers from a moderate or severe brain injury could experience an extended period of unconsciousness, convulsions, loss of coordination, garbled speech, amnesia, or death. If you want to be referred to a qualified doctor by a brain injury lawyer, Kenneth G. Marks is ready to introduce you to some top notch medical professionals.

A traumatic brain injury has either a primary or a secondary component. The primary component is the damage such as bruising and tearing that takes place immediately after the accident. The secondary component occurs anywhere between minutes to weeks after the first blow to the brain and is usually a complication deriving from the injury’s primary component. A prime example of a secondary component is a stroke: when the brain is bruised and swelled, it may become collapsed against the skull, hindering blood flow to various parts of the brain, inhibiting its function, and leading to further neurological damage.

If you have suffered from a brain injury and is looking for a qualified brain injury lawyer, Lake Forest personal injury attorney Kenneth G. Marks is ready to help. Attorney Marks will
determine and ultimately obtain the maximum compensation that you are deserve, which might include past and future medical bills, past and future lost earnings, life care costs, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering. The initial consultation and case evaluation is absolutely free.