Common Questions You Must Ask

Orange County car accident attorneys: Common Questions You Must Ask

Before you hire an Orange County Car Accident Lawyer to handle your personal injury compensation claim, there are a number of standard questions that you need to ask the Orange County Car Accident Attorney in the first place. This is necessary because you need to ensure the professional expertise and the skills of a personal injury lawyer in before placing your case in his custody. After all, now that you have experienced a severe emotional and financial blow due to the accident, the compensation is something that you deserve. And you can only be sure to get justice in this case only when you will have an experienced and committed Orange County Car Accident Attorney backing you.

So after the preliminary search at the online directories once you settle down to a list of prospective Car Accident Lawyers Orange County, start by going for initial free consultation sessions with each one of them one after the other. Make sure you ask them each of the following questions during the consultation process. Finally select on the one who gives you the most satisfactory answers.

Common questions you must ask:

Does the Orange County car accident injury attorney have a proper license for authenticated legal practice in and outside Courts of Law in the State?

Does he/she have any prior experience with car accident lawsuits or personal injury claims?

Did they deal with car accident defense cases or personal injury lawsuits anytime in the past before your case?

How long have it been since they started dealing with such cases?

How many personal injury claims or car accident defense cases have they handled till date?

Is the Orange County car injury lawyer a specialist in the field of personal injury claims? If not, what is the field they have specialized in?

Has he/she ever taught, read papers or been a faculty in his/her field of specialization?

Has he/she ever published a journal or written documents in his/her area of specialization?

What percentage of his/her cases was regarding individuals or victims who have experienced and suffered a personal injury?

How many car accident claims has he or she dealt which went for a trail in the Court?

How many of the personal injury cases they dealt were successfully and satisfactorily negotiated outside a court of Law?

Which is the highest verdict that they have managed to obtain for a personal injury client till date?

How many car accident trials or personal injury trials have they won till date?

Does the Car Accident Attorney Orange County find any such element of concern in your case that he/she has never dealt with or come across prior to this case?

How many personal injury claims or car accident cases have he/she handled in the last two years?

How many of those cases were a lot similar to your case?

What does he/she plan to do in case either of the two parties in your case differ to settle or negotiate while the other wants so?

Do they think their law firm has enough financial funds to back your lawsuit during the trial and bear the costs of all the legal procedures in the process?

How does he/she plan to get remunerated, would it be a contingency fee or an hourly rated charge?

Is there anything that the Car Accident Attorney Orange County thinks you can do to help the cause of the case?