Interviewing Orange County Auto injury accident Attorneys

Interviewing Orange County Auto injury accident Attorneys

When you go for a meeting with an Orange County car accident injury attorney for the first time you should be prepared with a set of questions from before hand. These are the precise questions you are supposed to ask the Car Accident Orange County Attorney during the initial consultation. The purpose of the questionnaire is to help you realize whether the information that the legal counsel is providing you is going in your favor or not. Moreover, the answers that you get will help you decide whether you will at all hire that particular Orange County Car Injury Attorney or not.

Following is a list of significant questions that you need to ask the Orange County car accident injury attorney while interviewing him/her for the first time. Only this way will you be able to choose an expert legal representative for you.

Question I - Is the present consultation free or on expenses?

Question II - Now that you have faced the accident, what are your rights that need to be protected?

Question III - which are the necessary claim letters that are to be sent?

Question IV - How many Insurance Companies are to be informed?

Question V - Will the Orange County Car Accident Attorney be doing it on your behalf?

Question VI - Who will be responsible for the medical expenses, physical therapy and drug bills, permanent and temporary domestic help, property damage, conveyance costs, lost wages and finally the pain and suffering incurred?

Question VII - what are you as the petitioner supposed to do in order to safeguard your rights?

Question VIII - what are the various papers and forms that you need to get hold of? Where can you collect them? Will the attorney fill them up on your behalf or will you have to do it on your own?

Question IX - Will the Orange County Car Accident Attorney also help you with your property damage claim and medical claim?

Question X - In case you have a query or question about your case, will the Orange County Car Injury Attorney answer the query or will you have to seek the guidance of a paralegal? Is it okay with the attorney if you give him/her occasional calls to know about the status of your case?

Question XI - for how long has the Car Accident Attorney Orange County or his firm been into the practice of Tort Law or Personal Injury Law?

Question XII - is the lawyer a specialist in the field of Personal Injury Law and car accident cases?

Question XIII - Does the Orange County Car Accident Lawyer have a proper Professional Liability Insurance which may protect you in case a mistake damages the case?

Question XIV - When and how will you have to pay the fee? Will it be a Contingency Fee or calculated on an hourly basis?

Question XV - Will you be held responsible for all the legal expenses in case the attorney is unable to get you a compensation or an affirmative verdict from the Jury?

Question XVI - Are there any alternatives for resolving the case and the claim? Does the attorney prefer arbitration?