How do Orange County car accident injury attorney investigate the case?

How do Orange County car accident injury attorney investigate the case?

Often it becomes more than necessary to carry out a professional investigation for a car accident and the personal injury claim that comes along. An investigation is a must in cases involving:

Construction site accidents

Motor vehicle accidents

18 Wheeler accidents

Collision with semi-trucks

The investigation serves the purpose of uncovering various significant and crucial facts that can help decide on whether the lawsuit is to be taken as a negligence case or not and also how is the claim to be substantiated. Most of the Orange County Car Injury Attorneys carry out investigation for the cases that they deal.

How does the Car Accident Lawyers Orange County investigate?

The Orange County Car Accident Lawyers carry out professional investigation covering various aspects of a car accident case. Some of the important aspects that they focus on are:

Pictures and photos of the scene of accident and a close view of the colliding vehicles: These are more important evidences for a construction-site personal injury case. The Orange County Car Injury Attorneys would take meticulous and thorough photos of the scene of accident and also take various close ups. Photos are also important in case of a car accident. In the latter case they always take the photos of the skid marks if any or some other signs which portray the accident. In case of serious medical injuries incurred, photos are also taken of the injuries.

Intricate documents of the damages incurred by the car: In case of a vehicle accident the Orange County Car Accident Attorney will document each and every damage suffered by your vehicle. For that your car will be taken to a auto body shop and a written appraisal will be produced. The document will substantiate all the damages caused to the car, explain how the accident occurred and also mention the exact area of damage.

Relevant medical reports and records: Medical reports are a very strong element involved in the investigation carried out by Orange County Car Accident Lawyers. The lawyer will ask you, who are the victim in this case, to undergo proper medical tests and provide ample reports substantiating the various claims of injury. Without proper medical records there is a very high chance that your injury claims will get dismissed by the defendant attorney in the court. In fact your Orange County Car Injury Lawyer may also ask you to sign a HIPPA authorization so that he/she can obtain the medical reports on your behalf.

Statements of the eye witnesses at the accident scene: While the car accident lawyer Orange County carries on with the professional investigation for your compensation claim he will try to gather written statements from as many people as possible who had witnessed the accident scene. These statements may come in real handy if the charge is in clash. In fact the documents can help solve all queries if there is a contradiction between what the accident victim says and what the defendant reports.

The Detailed Accident Report: In case of all car accidents, there is an immediate report generated by the police department which gives a first hand authorized account of the catastrophe. The Orange County car accident injury attorney will need you to gather a copy of the police report which was completed at the time and at the scene of the car accident.