Car Accident Injury Attorney Fees

Car Accident Injury Attorney Fees

How does the fees agreement work for Car Accident Attorneys Orange County?

Most of the Car Accident Injury Attorneys work on the basis of a Contingent Fees Agreement. This is a particular agreement according to which the petitioner is not supposed to pay any fee to the Orange County car accident injury lawyer until and unless the Contingency Condition is met. Contingency Condition in its turn refers to the obtaining of a successful result for the petitioner’s case through either an affirmative verdict or a financial compensation reimbursing all the losses and injuries of the accident.

Only when there is a suitable recovery for a personal injury claim, the attorney gets a percentage of the total settlement amount which is held to be his legal fee. The fee is paid to the attorney only on successful resolution of the case. The process is simple, when there’s no success and no compensation recovery; there is also no legal fee for the Orange County Car Accident Attorney.

What are the advantages of a Contingent Fee?

Contingent fee is a category that has huge advantages. It helps all clients (irrespective of their financial background) with a strong case hire the services of an experienced legal counsel even if they don’t have the financial resources to pay them at present. In fact, with the support of the contingent fee agreement, the clients can deem to hire even the best of the Orange County Car Injury Attorneys in the legal industry knowing that they will only have to pay when he/she has already managed to gather a lumpsome compensation for them.

Most of the Orange County Car Injury Lawyers charge similar contingent fee percentages, but the agreement may vary from one lawyer to another. The common differing elements that may characterize the agreements of different attorneys include:

The percentage of the total settlement: Usually it’s kept at a 40% or 1/3rd share of the settlement amount, whichever is mutually decided on.

Change in percentage if the lawsuit goes for a trial or appeal: A few of the contingent agreements keep a scope for percentage change depending on the circumstances of the resolution of the case. For instance, petitioners may need to pay a lower percentage in case the claim gets settled out of court and a higher percentage if it goes for a trial.

The basis for the percentage calculation, net recovery or gross recovery: If the calculation is on a net recovery basis, the expenses are paid from the gross recovery amount before the fee of the Car Accident Attorney Orange County is calculated. Whereas, for gross recovery, the fee is calculated on the basis of the total settlement amount.

Costs, whether the petitioner would have to pay: Most contingent agreements need the lawyers to pay the immediate costs for the case out of their pocket. The petitioner only pays back when he or she receives the compensation. If the claim is lost the attorney has to absorb all the expenses. This would include charges for medical records and other reports, filing the case, etc.

Services covered in entirety: in case of vehicle damage, the contingent agreement will also include the repairing charges of your vehicle which will be paid by the Orange County car accident injury attorney out of his pocket. He won’t take any additional charges for this. He will simply place a medial payments claim or PIP to your Insurance Company for recovery later on.