Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain Injury and How It Works

When a traumatic event happens to you such as a brain injury, a brain injury attorney can be there to help you through every step of the process. Dealing with traumatic brain injuries are not easy and they are not cheap so getting the help of an experienced brain injury attorney can play an important factor in the future of you or your loved ones life.

Understanding the brain can be a complex matter to apprehend, but figuring out what goes on inside a brain during a traumatic brain injury can help you wrap your head around the situation at hand. Brain injuries are no simple matters; there are so many different possibilities and outcomes resulting from a brain injury.

There are two types of brain injuries that can occur. The first is the primary injury. This is where the accident that caused the injury happens such as bruises, fractures, blood clots, and lacerations. These injuries are completed at the time of the accident. Secondary brain injuries are the injuries that resulted from the original brain injury itself. These are typically the contributors to long-term disabilities associated with that of brain injuries.

The most vulnerable area of your head is the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex unfortunately is where the most fragile and critical portion of your brain resides. Behind your forehead is where the prefrontal cortex lies. This is the center of your executive functions, moral conscience, and social awareness. If you sustain an injury to your prefrontal cortex your ability to perform simple tasks such as problem solving, concentrate, remember things and learn can become of the most daunting tasks. Damage to this area of the brain can institute personality changes that can lead to inappropriate behavior, violence, and depression. Family and friends can feel alienated and sometimes are unable to deal with the effects long term.

Another common injury is an axonal injury. An axonal injury is a brain injury at the cellular level. What happens during an axonal injury is that a primary and secondary brain injury occurs simultaneously. Axons are microscopic nerve fibers of neurons that communicate with one another. When an injury happens the brain can shift and rotate inside of the skull resulting in shearing of the brain's complex circuitry. Memory and learning are affected in this type of injury. It can be hours, or even months before a head injury presents itself. By this time the brain injury may have become permanent and irreversible.

An axonal sheer is where shearing occurs throughout the brain. This where a tiny, microscopic tear occurs in the myelin sheath which causes a number of other issues such as swelling and the development of scar tissue. Myelin is a fatty type of substance that protects the axons and is critical to the promptness and accuracy of electrochemical impulses. If the myelin sheath is damaged then the electrochemical impulses become warped and abnormal. The information provided by the impulses with become jumbled or even completed cut off.

As you can see the human skull is a very delicate thing that needs protection. Accidents occur frequently in sporting and in common everyday occurrences. The key is to be prepared and wear protection such as a helmet if you know you will be partaking in a potentially dangerous sport. It is even best to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle and especially when riding a motorcycle. You are not always the one in charge of your safety and accidents do happen.

A brain injury attorney can help you or your family in a time of need. Helping your loved one should be your priority and a brain injury attorney's job should be recouping that cost of the accident at hand. Call a brain injury attorney today to help get you and your family back on the right track. In a time such as this you need all the help you can get.