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Bicycle Accident Attorney

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One of Kenneth G. Marks’ early successes as a young trial lawyer was a $325,000 settlement in an automobile vs. bicycle accident that involved a fractured leg to his client. Even as a young lawyer, Mr. Marks had the instincts and understanding how to navigate his way through the lawsuit in such a manner to understand the exposure that the insurance company feared. Needless to say, he has gone on to many auto vs. bicyclist successes since.

There are many issues in these cases that only an experienced personal injury attorney can see. Cars can overtake bicyclists and cut them off. Poor intersection controls or even poor signage can result in these accidents. There can be poor lighting and often the road design contributes to these accidents, requiring the personal injury lawyer to file a claim against the proper government entity.

Regardless of the nature of your bicycle accident, Kenneth G. Marks will immediately identify the issues in your case. Since 1981, we have helped bicyclists and other personal injury victims get maximum compensation for their injuries. There is no substitution for experience and Mr. Marks brings the combination of experience and personal attention to your case that will give you the sense of security you need to move on with your life as you deal with the inconveniences and pain and suffering that accompanies personal injury cases. He understands what you are going through and he CARES!

Pursuing your case in an Orange County bicycle accident case can be difficult. An experienced attorney will spot the hidden issues. Even in cases where it might seem like it is the bicyclist’s fault, there may be road design issues or traffic signal issues or some other hidden issue that should be explored.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, contact Kenneth G. Marks for a free consultation. You will meet with Mr. Marks personally to explore all your options. He will use his 29 years of experience to maximize your settlement or to advise you whether you even have a case.