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Kenneth G. Marks has been practicing personal injury law since he was admitted to the California Bar in 1981. The Kenneth G. Marks Law Firm is conveniently located off the I-405 and I-5 freeways at the Orange County Spectrum. Mr. Marks has handled every type of personal injury case .. from automobile accidents, to motorcycle accidents, to slip and falls and trip and falls, to accidents that occur on someone’s property, to defective products, to medical malpractice .. and much, much more. His success rate in settling cases is 98% and he has won several jury trials. From 40 years of experience, Mr. Marks has a keen instinct of whether or not you should pursue your claim and you will make the right decision after your free initial consultation with Mr. Marks.

Unlike many personal injury attorneys, Mr. Marks represents consumers for ALL injuries, not just “serious” or “catastrophic” injuries

How many websites or other ads have you read where the attorneys say that they represent clients for “Serious Personal Injuries” or “Catastrophic Personal Injuries” only? Kenneth G. Marks takes all of your injuries seriously. While it is very true that the values of “soft tissue” injury claims have decreased over the years, this will not stop Mr. Marks from representing you on these claims.

Kenneth G. Marks knows what it takes to get you proper medical treatment while also putting money in your pocket at the conclusion of your treatment. Because of the decrease of the value of these type of injuries, many personal injury attorneys now shy away from these cases and take “Serious Injuries” only. Mr. Marks CARES and welcomes “soft tissue” injury cases. These are the cases where the insurance companies love to say “nay.” Kenneth G. Marks, on the other hand, says “pay.”

Here’s some of what we offer…

  • We provide a free initial consultation, however long it takes.
  • We work strictly on a contingency fee basis.
  • We advance all litigation costs, interest free. Costs are separate from attorneys fees.These are the same costs you would incur if you decided not to hire an attorney. They get reimbursed at the conclusion of the case.
  • We negotiate reimbursement of medical expenses to doctors and insurance companies and make sure that you pay the least possible amount for your medical bills to help maximize your net settlement proceeds.