Five Personal Injury Claims We Bet You Didn’t Know About

sea injury
It’s common knowledge that if you’re in some sort of accident you can file for a personal injury claim.  Have an accident at work or on the road?  No problem.  Plenty of “No Win, No Fee” injury attorneys are ready to line up and act as your official rep.  But did you know there are some unusual accidents that injury comp claims can be made for?

Maritime Accidents

Yep.  Sea accidents.  If you are a passenger on a long-haul cruise ship or a short trip ‘round the bend, you have a right to a safe trip without meeting any harm.  But, hey, you can be taking a stroll on the deck and slip, injuring your bones or spraining an ankle; you can be sipping on some hot cocoa and wind up spilling it all over yourself when the boat hits some rough water, causing the drink to lead to severe burns on your body.

Sports Injury

You’re on the field, playing football or hockey, all of a sudden you realize you’re wearing faulty sports equipment and aren’t properly protected in a rough game.  What if another player gets too caught up in their own glory or misfortune and pulls a malicious act on you?  If the game was organized via a sports club, and players were made aware of underlying risks before joining a sports match, an injury compensation claim can be filed.

sports injury claim

Holiday Accidents/Illness

You’re on vacation.  On a resort.  You slip on a wet surface near a pool.  You strain your back on some sort of watercraft event.  You order food from a fancy hotel and wind up with food poisoning.  All this can be covered.

Defective Products

Any product off the assembly line has to go through a series of checks before their let loose into the market place.  Sometimes a faulty contraption can slip by.  Electrical items that haven’t met guidelines can wind up shocking you if they’re malfunctioning, certain medicines can lead to death, hair product can make your hair fall out.  Kids toys?  If they have a small removable piece, a child can choke on it if swallowed.  Watch out.

Injuries by Animals

If you have an unpredictable pet, you have to make your animal behaves in public and doesn’t attack people.  You’d be held responsible.  Zoo keepers obviously have to follow the same guidelines.

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