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Recently the state’s occupational safety and health office fined a construction company over $106,000 for violations that led to the deaths of two construction workers in a major crane accident.

The deaths followed after the workers fell 80 feet from a crane-hoisted platform. The safety agency had found that the crane had not been certified and had not undergone inspection for defects.

Employers are responsible for performing equipment inspections in order to identify and avoid mechanical issues that may lead to tragedy.

It was also discovered that the operator of the crane operator had not completed any unmanned test run on the device, nor had he asked anyone else to inspect the rigging for safety. There was also a lack of any trained or qualified person to assist with the operation.

Cranes are used every day in construction operations. There are regulations in place to maintain the safety of construction workers involved in their use. Unfortunately, when these regulations are not followed tragedies can occur.

When regulations and safety precautions are not followed, it is generally due to someone’s negligence. This negligence can play a critical role in employees suffering injuries on the job.

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