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If you are involved in an auto accident and sustain injuries, seek medical attention. Some types of injuries are not immediately apparent and may appear to be just soreness or bruising, and show up within a few days much worse. Emergency room personnel are trained to completely assess you for injuries and take whatever action necessary to stabilize you and treat the injuries.

One gentleman was involved in an auto accident, and went home from the scene with a slight headache. By morning it had gotten worse so he went to the nearest emergency room, where he was diagnosed with blood clots caused by the accident. He had already lost his peripheral sight due to the clots. Luckily he was treated and the clots went away. Had he waited any longer, the result could have been disastrous.

What is termed as soft tissue damage is almost always present when someone is struck from behind, causing a whiplash to their cervical spine. These types of injuries require diagnoses and treatment to keep from affecting the neck and nerves, potentially causing arthritis and other life changing conditions.

Documentation of the injuries by trained medical personnel will leave no doubt as to the seriousness of the case and your demand for compensation.

Auto Accident Lawyer - Ken Marks

If the accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to be compensated for your injuries and medical reports attributing your injuries to the accident will become very important.

When convenient, and as soon as possible after the accident, write down the events that led up to the accident, any pain you felt, the other driver’s reaction to the accident, and your activities before and after the accident. This is important because our memories often fade with time and your personal documentation will help with your case presentation.

Generally fender bender types of collisions don’t require legal representation. If both parties agree as to fault and liability, insurance companies may cover any repairs. In the event that they don’t, you will need to seek legal counsel.

If parties don’t agree as to fault, a police report will be needed to determine fault. Witness information will be taken to substantiate any claim.

If you sustain injury, due to the other driver’s negligence, chances are his insurance company will not be helpful in settling your claim. Some insurance companies may claim that your injuries were pre-existing, while others may say that you were negligent.

Yet you may deal with what appears to be a helpful insurance company who shows up with a check, and a release for you to sign.

This is when you need to have legal counsel. Avoid signing any legal document without the advice of an attorney.

Signing a release generally means if you have any future medical problems due to the accident, if they are not identified within the release, you won’t get compensated for them.

So be wary, and seek legal counsel.

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When you are injured in an automobile accident due to someone else’s negligence, your main focus should be on the healing process and any treatments necessary to help you recover from your injuries.

Our law firm has been representing victims of vehicle accidents for over 33 years, and we will provide the attention your case needs to recover any and all compensation you are entitled to.
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