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When our physician suggests a hip replacement we have a reasonable expectation that the appliance meets all of the safety regulations and FDA requirements.

Occasionally this is not the case and the product can cause severe harm and even death. When this happens the manufacturer of the product begins a defensive dance that requires legal expertise to assist you and your loved ones with recovery of compensation for your injuries and other costs relating to the defective product.

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Recently there has been much discussion on the Stryker Hip Replacement settlement of thousands of lawsuits involving the recalled hip devices in an amount of 2.5 billion dollars.

Apparently additional types of devices were recalled because of chromium and cobalt poisoning occurring with the blood within the implant patient when the metal pieces rub one another, releasing metal particles into the patients’ bloodstream.

The former appliances causing such injury have been replaced with models that have plastic to prevent the metal on metal situation from occurring.

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Product Liability can be an automobile with a faulty ignition, all the way to the installation of dangerous devices into the body that can cause severe injury. No case is too large or small. We can meet with you and discuss the issues and merits of your case and can provide expert assistance to help you recover your damages.

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