Crazy Car Accidents During the Holiday Season

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From roughly the first of November through the end of January of each year, consumer spending increases. Black Friday has been termed as one of the worst days of the year for car accidents, and the shopping binge from November through January has been recognized as one of the worst times of the year for parking lot accidents.

Parking related accidents increase almost 40 percent during the shopping season. If it is raining, this number will go up.

Most of the vehicle accidents in parking lots are minor, due to people backing up out of a space, but sometimes pedestrians are struck causing major injuries.

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There are many actions drivers can take to reduce their chances of being involved in an accident. They include; parking further back in the lot, away from traffic; being extra vigilant in the lot and anticipating another driver’s action; slow down and assume a car will be backing out at some point; avoid speeding around the lot to snag an open space; watch out for pedestrians loaded down with bags that obstruct their view.

If you are driving on the roads or highways during traffic crunch hours, maintain enough reaction length between you and the car ahead of you in case of any sudden stops. In bad weather, slow down. Watch out for the car behind you riding too close. Stay away from cars insistent on riding your bumper. Should they hit your vehicle if you stop, they may be at fault, but you may sustain the injury.

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