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Each year, thousands of construction workers are injured or killed while working at the construction site. It is the responsibility of the construction company to conduct inspections, provide safety engineer review, and conduct safety programs for its employees. Sadly, many accidents continue to happen because of a lack of responsibility on the part of the company to provide its workers with a safe work environment.

One example of such an accident occurred when a cement subcontractor, working on a project, was required to pour cement during evening hours. The employer was responsible for providing adequate lighting for the safety of the employee. The employee stepped in a pothole and ripped his ACL, requiring surgery. Even the employer exhibited negligence in not providing a safe work environment; he attempted to avoid responsibility for the accident.

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The law firm of Kenneth G. Marks was able to defeat the employer’s defense and settled the employee’s case for $250,000.

This happens all too often as employers often look for loopholes to avoid being found at fault. Accidents at construction sites due to unsafe conditions are often the responsibility of the owners, architects, insurance companies and equipment manufacturers.

Worker’s compensation benefits do not include pain and suffering. Even though the employer provides worker’s compensation, you usually cannot sue the employer for negligence. But, the general contractor that pays the employer or the property owner could be found at fault if they created a dangerous situation for the employees. Any recovery for negligence from these other parties would be in addition to worker’s compensation benefits.

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Ranking third in the nation for injuries causing death, construction employees face a high risk for accidents. These construction accidents can be caused by scaffolding, electrocution, falls, machinery, forklifts and cranes, materials falling, nail guns, and welding.

If you have suffered an injury due to a construction accident, Kenneth G. Marks can assist you through the legal process for recovery of your losses. Our law firm has over 30 years’ experience in handling these cases. Contact our office for a free consultation. We can determine if your case can meet the requirements to continue on with an action against a third party.

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