Holidays Bring an Increase to Pedestrian Accidents in Parking Lots

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As the holidays approach many of us will find ourselves walking through parking lots to reach stores. We will witness many near misses of cars racing to open parking spaces. Patience and tempers flare and in their efforts to secure a parking space before someone else grabs it; drivers don’t always see people walking through the lots.

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Pedestrian accidents peak during the holidays, and over 80% of the pedestrian accidents that occur in parking lots are the fault of drivers. Vehicle drivers are distracted and race down parking lot isles to get the open space. Pedestrians can be obscured by parked cars and are not seen in time.

There has been an increase in pedestrian accidents in parking lots of 70% over the last three years. Law enforcement officers and firefighters have an increasing presence at shopping centers to remind drivers to be careful.

Drivers are urged to back into their spaces to avoid visibility impacts when they pull out later. Learn more at NBC Whashington and

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