Dangers of Defective Products & Product Liability Claims

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Dangers of Defective Products

Products that are dangerous or defective cause thousands of injuries each year. Product liability occurs when a manufacturer or supplier is held responsibility for selling a defective product to a consumer. All of the vendors or suppliers of a product are responsible for liability, as well as the manufacturer. Products are expected to meet the expectations of the buyer. If a product has a defect or poses a danger, the product does not meet the expectations of the buyer.

Product liability occurs when a product is sold to consumers. This essentially presents a contractual relationship between the buyer, the seller, and the manufacturer. If the consumer is injured by the product, if the product is defective, then the consumer may recover compensation for their injuries.

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This liability extends to the manufacturer, someone who makes parts within the product, the product’s assembly people, the person who sold the product, and the store where the product was sold.

Strict liability is when the product is sold in the regular course of a business, not at a neighborhood yard sale.

The types of product defects include design defects, defects in the manufacture of the product, and marketing defects. The injured party must demonstrate that his injury was caused by the defect in the product.

Cases involving the recovery of compensation involving product liability issues are extremely complex. In order to establish fault or prove negligence you will most likely need the help of an attorney with experience in these types of cases. Each state has its own laws and statutes that will affect your case. Experts will need to help prove your case.

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The Kenneth G. Marks law firm has successfully recovered compensation for clients and victims involving product liability. Whether your case is small or large, the Kenneth G. Marks law firm will provide you with the necessary expertise and experience to effectively give your case the attention it will need to a successful recovery.


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