4.5 million Americans Suffer from a Dog Bite


Dog Bite Injuries

Each year, over 4.5 million Americans suffer a dog bite. Half of these injuries are children. Many of these injuries require medical attention. Most of these injuries are caused not by a stray, but by a friendly dog or neighbor’s dog.

Tips to Help Prevent Dog Bites

In deciding to get a dog as a family pet, a dog with a good temperament is critical. Some breeds tend to be more aggressive than others. Don’t approach dogs that you don’t know. Don’t leave a young child alone with a dog. When a dog is eating or feeding her puppies, don’t attempt to distract them. Approach a dog slowly, and allow the dog to approach you. Should a dog become aggressive, stay calm, avoid eye contact and move slowly.

Be sure to train your dog appropriately. Consult a local training specialist, read necessary literature and make sure your dog gets a chance to socialize with other people and other dogs. Exercise is also essential when properly training your dog. This significantly decreases the chance of raising a high tempered dog.

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If a Dog Bites You

If the bite breaks the skin, seek medical attention immediately. Most bites, even small ones, require antibiotics to treat potential infection. A medical professional will know the best treatment. If the dog is a stray, contact the appropriate authorities. If you know the dog, advise the dog’s owner.

Serious Dog Bites

Sometimes the bite is serious enough to require stitches and/or surgery. Children are especially vulnerable to serious dog bites. Disability and permanent scarring can occur from dog bites. Loss of work and financial impacts are also common in serious dog bite injuries.

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When you or a family member suffers an injury in the result of a dog bite you will be faced with medical bills and other expenses. Most homeowners have liability insurance that will provide coverage for their dogs causing injury to someone. Unfortunately the process to recover your expenses is long and tedious.

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