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Archive for November 2014

Holidays Bring an Increase to Pedestrian Accidents in Parking Lots

As the holidays approach many of us will find ourselves walking through parking lots to reach stores. We will witness many near misses of cars racing to open parking spaces. Patience and tempers flare and in their efforts to secure a parking space before someone else grabs it; drivers don’t always see people walking through…

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76,000 Pedestrians Hit by Cars Each Year & Growing

When Vehicles injure Pedestrians Nearly 5,000 pedestrians are killed in vehicle related accidents each year. Almost 76,000 pedestrians were injured last year after being struck by a vehicle. Thousands more pedestrians are injured each year due to other accidents having to do with walkway defects, construction or debris on the walking paths. When a pedestrian…

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Prevent Injury & Possible Death on Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle Accidents & Injuries Accidents and fatalities involving motorcyclists are caused by many factors. In general, motorcycle riders are 35 times more likely to be involved in a deadly accident than passengers in vehicles. The leading cause of death for motorcyclists is head injury. Riders who chose to neglect the safety and mandatory helmet safety…

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Dangers of Defective Products & Product Liability Claims

Dangers of Defective Products Products that are dangerous or defective cause thousands of injuries each year. Product liability occurs when a manufacturer or supplier is held responsibility for selling a defective product to a consumer. All of the vendors or suppliers of a product are responsible for liability, as well as the manufacturer. Products are…

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DUI Personal Injury Settlement of $1 Million

Car Accident Lawsuit Settled A civil lawsuit has been settled against a wrecking company when the driver of one of their rigs, driving under the influence, slammed into an automobile pushing it to the edge of the road, causing serious injuries to a mother and her two daughters inside. The collision left the car dangling…

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DUI Causes Serious Injuries for 26 Bus Passengers

When You Least Expect It… A disabled vehicle, with a drunk driver recently caused injuries to twenty-six people. What could have been a deadly combination only caused personal injury. Luckily no deaths for at least 26 people were reported. Initially, a disabled car was left on a highway after striking two guardrails. The driver then…

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4.5 million Americans Suffer from a Dog Bite

Dog Bite Injuries Each year, over 4.5 million Americans suffer a dog bite. Half of these injuries are children. Many of these injuries require medical attention. Most of these injuries are caused not by a stray, but by a friendly dog or neighbor’s dog. Tips to Help Prevent Dog Bites In deciding to get a…

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