Jury Awards $3.5 million in California Wrongful Death Case

Wrongful Death AttorneyThe trucking industry in California received a very clear and concise message last week, when a jury in Fresno awarded a family $3.5 million for the wrongful death of a truck driver who died when the truck he was driving caught fire.

The fire was caused by a transmission leak, underneath the cab of the truck.

Evidence presented indicated that the trucking company and the co-owner/operator violated federal regulations in their inspections and maintenance of the truck. The Jury decided that the acts and/or omissions of the owners were negligent, and found them liable for the amount awarded.

The owners of the trucking company unsuccessfully attempted to place the blame for the fire on the driver saying he had started the fire inside the cab of the truck. The jury verdict also vindicates the driver, for which the family was extremely thankful.

Employers are required to follow established safety regulations, and when they don’t lives can be lost.

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