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Is a Personal Injury Attorney Needed in Order to Settle your Car Accident Case?

If you have been involved in a car accident where you did not cause the accident, and were injured or incurred expenses due to the accident, your own insurance company may make settling the case confusing or difficult.

Most people are not familiar with the steps involved in working with the insurance companies in order to be fairly compensated for their expenses caused by the car accident.

The Kenneth G. Marks Law Firm specializes in personal injury cases, and knows firsthand how to negotiate with insurance adjusters in order to get you compensation for your injuries and expenses caused by the car accident. The majority of car accident cases are settled out of court when parties reach an agreement as to the settlement. Should the case proceed to a courtroom, you want the professional to represent your interests.

As shown below, the steps through the negotiation process are long and complicated. You will probably need the assistance of a seasoned negotiator familiar with the law and your case to represent you.

A Letter of Demand

A demand letter should be presented to the insurance company outlining your injuries and costs incurred due to the accident. It should be organized and have appropriate attachments of receipts, medical records, and any other documentation relating to the accident. It should also include your estimate of the value of your compensation.

Insurance Adjuster Contacts

An insurance adjuster will begin contacting you to discuss your case and your demand letter. They will identify strong and weak points of the case from their perspective. They will most probably offer you much less than your asking value of the case. That is their job, to protect the interests of the insurance company. You will counter with another offer, and back and forth it goes. At some point, you should have decided on whatever minimum amount you will accept, but for negotiation purposes, this information should be kept private.

Letter of Reservation of Rights

The insurance company may send you a letter stating that it is investigating your case, and it is reserving the right not to pay anything if the accident is not covered under the policy.   The legal language is probably unfamiliar to you. You may become intimidated, and settle for less than what your case is worth.

The Insurance Company’s Offer

The insurance company may make you an initial offer that is very low, and doesn’t even begin to reimburse you for expenses, lost wages, etc. You will need to counter the offer with your own, and this could happen several times. At some point you may just feel worn down, and settle for much less than what your case may be worth.

Being Represented

The Ken Marks Law Firm will handle it all for you. Your personal injury attorney won’t be intimidated by the insurance adjuster, and your interests will be protected. The Kenneth G Marks Law Firm will make sure that you get fair and equitable compensation for your personal injury case. Learn more…


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