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Archive for October 2014

Motorcycle Accidents are Rising Steadily

Throughout 2013, more than 114,000 people were involved in motorcycle accidents resulting in serious injuries. Most of these accidents were not caused by the motorcyclists. Conversely, other drivers are more often than not the cause of accidents involving motorcyclists. Due to their vulnerability, motorcyclists tend to be more careful and are very diligent in looking…

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Airbags a Major Safety & Product Liability Threat

Products Liability Cases from Airbag Injuries Over 14 million automobiles are being recalled due to being equipped with potentially deadly airbags. These airbags, when deployed, send the equivalent of shrapnel from the inflating device into the driver’s face and upper body area, causing severe injuries and/or death. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has attributed…

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Jury Awards $3.5 million in California Wrongful Death Case

The trucking industry in California received a very clear and concise message last week, when a jury in Fresno awarded a family $3.5 million for the wrongful death of a truck driver who died when the truck he was driving caught fire. The fire was caused by a transmission leak, underneath the cab of the…

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Car Accident Settlements & Representation

Is a Personal Injury Attorney Needed in Order to Settle your Car Accident Case? If you have been involved in a car accident where you did not cause the accident, and were injured or incurred expenses due to the accident, your own insurance company may make settling the case confusing or difficult. Most people are…

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