Wrongful Death Payouts & Physicians Keep Practicing Medicine

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A married couple (both physicians) suffered an unimaginable tragedy when the wife bled to death in her hospital bed just 2 days after having appendicitis surgery.

Married since medical school, the couple had 2 children.  The father was left to explain to their boys why or how their mother was taken from them after having a simple surgery.

During the days after losing his wife, the husband reviewed her medical file.  He became convinced that her physician could have prevented her death.  Her blood pressure had been seriously low for many hours after the surgery, but no tests were completed to determine the cause.  He reported that basic medical training would have shown her vitals to be alarming to anyone.

He later initiated suit against his wife’s physician for failing to monitor her after the procedure, thus being partially to blame for her death.

Her surgeon had previously been faced with 11 medical malpractice lawsuit payouts, and was continuing to practice medicine.   The case was ultimately settled for the $250,000 maximum of his insurance policy coverage.

That state’s Board of Medicine, who is responsible for halting the practice of medicine by dangerous physicians, had not taken any action against the surgeon, even in view of the numerous payouts for wrongful death and medical malpractice.

Researchers say that from 1990 to 2009, over half of the US doctors who had their privileges restricted or revoked by a hospital had not been required to face Medical Board action.
It would seem that billing fraud carries a higher penalty than wrongful death for most medical boards in the US.

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Actions are underway by states to make their state’s medical boards more responsive to doctors with questionable track records for patient mortality.

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