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Archive for September 2014

Do Car Accident Cases Need to go to Court?

A court trial for a car accident case is usually the last thing a car accident attorney representing the plaintiff or an insurance company wants to have happen. Usually most cases are settled out of court as long as both parties can use good faith in attempting to settle the case. A good personal injury…

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Wrongful Death Payouts & Physicians Keep Practicing Medicine

A married couple (both physicians) suffered an unimaginable tragedy when the wife bled to death in her hospital bed just 2 days after having appendicitis surgery. Married since medical school, the couple had 2 children.  The father was left to explain to their boys why or how their mother was taken from them after having…

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CalPac Gas & Electric Ordered to Pay $1.4 Billion in Personal Injury Damages

Personal Injury Cases Resulting from CalPac Crisis There are many types of Personal Injury cases and the following is one that has received national attention. Recently California’s Pacific Gas and Electric Company was ordered to pay $1.4 billion in penalties by the California Public Utilities Commission for violating safety standards relating to a very deadly…

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Motorcycle Accident Deaths Due to Car Driver Negligence

Recent Events Taking the Life of a Young LAPD Officer An off duty 24-year-old LAPD officer was killed in a motorcycle accident over the weekend and was reported to have died at the scene. The accident happened at around 4:30 p.m. at 234th Street and Western Avenue in Torrance on Saturday. Witness accounts report that…

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Energy Drinks Alleged to Have Caused Harm and Death

The Nations Concerns about the Effects of Energy Drinks Many individuals and organizations across the nation have voiced serious concerns over the usage of energy drinks citing that they allegedly pose severe health concerns especially to young people. Usage of these drinks that contain caffeine is alleged to cause cardiac and cardiovascular problems that could…

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Car Accidents Causing More Bicycle Fatalities

Bicycle Fatalities Resulting In Wrongful Death Lawsuits In one recent incident a driver was arrested and prosecuted for a hit and run accident that killed a bicyclist. Police continue to seek witnesses and the automobile driver testified Thursday that he didn’t see the cyclist and thought he had struck a deer. He said he pulled…

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