New Study Finds Handheld Phone Ban Ineffective In Preventing Driving Accidents

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According to a recent study, legislation banning handheld phones by drivers had almost no effect on the number of car accidents. One of the researcher said that simply banning hand-held cellphone use might not produce the desired increase in traffic and non car accident safety.

The ban that was studied, was the one implemented in California in 2008, but the study done would have implications for other bands in similar car-using jurisdictions.

There are a couple of reasons that this band could have failed in helping keep roads safer and decrease the amounts of car accidents.

One is that it is being ignored. More likely, however is that people obeyed the band but switched to hands free equipment, which can be just as dangerous

Another possibility, as far-fetched as it may seem, is that actually using a phone while driving isn’t as dangerous as we make it seem.

New Study Find Handheld Phone Ban Ineffective On Driving Accidents

A recent study has found the 2009 Californian ban on hand-held phones to be ineffective in preventing driving car accidents.

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