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Archive for August 2014

Personal Injury Lawyers Specializing in Car Accidents

Car Accident Lawyer These and many other issues too numerous to mention require most people to enlist the services of an automobile accident attorney, or an Attorney with experience dealing with Personal Injury cases. For a fender-bender type of accident with minimal damage and no injuries, this may not be necessary especially if the parties…

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Personal Injury Claims Resulting From Dog Bites

If a dog has ever maliciously attacked you, you experience a severe trauma. You may need to employ a Personal Injury Lawyer in order to get your medical bills paid and to compensate you for pain, suffering and trauma, and depending on the extent of the injury, loss of work, etc. Mental affects, that are…

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Latest Social Security & Disability Info

The Social Security Administration has recently introduced “The Faces and Facts of Disability,” a training and information program to help instruct people in general about Social Security disability insurance and dispel misinformation. Almost 9 million injured or disabled workers receive benefits. These 9 million people comprise those receiving benefits having mental disabilities, tangible incapacitates, and…

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