F.B.I. Brands Autonomous Cars As Potential Lethal Weapons

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The FBI has branded self-driving cars, also known as autonomous cars (auto cars), as potential lethal weapons increasing the potential for car accidents nationwide. A Freedom of Information Act request found a report revealing the FBI’s opinion on autonomous vehicle technology. This unclassified, yet restricted report, suggested that autonomous cars would transform what both law enforcement and adversaries could operationally do with a car.

High-speed chases and car accidents could be revolutionized, with criminals being able to engage in shootouts while the car drives itself.

The report also states that although self-driving vehicles will improve the efficiency of mobile technology. It will also open up the possibilities of dual-use applications opening up ways for a car to be much more lethal than it is today. Other fears include that safety controls could be overridden, speed limits ignored, and that explosives could be stashed in autonomous cars that are directed to drive into targets.

This goes against everything that those championing the self-driving movement are trying to impart. Google, for instance, is aiming to develop a vehicle that will be able to “operate safely and autonomously without requiring human intervention”. This means no steering wheel, brake or accelerator pedal. Everything will be controlled through buttons, software and laser technology.

The FBI did have this positive thing to say about autonomous cars. According to the report, “The risk of distraction or poor judgment leading to a collision that stems from manual operation would be substantially reduced.”Additionally, self-driving cars could be used by law enforcement to tail suspects.

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