How To Safely Ride A Motorcycle


Wes Siler, a writer for Gizmodo, had two friends hurt themselves in motorcycle accidents over the same weekend. Both crashes were avoidable. Siler’s friends are new riders, both trying to ride the proper way- wearing safety gear and riding within their limits. Both of them crashed for the same reason- gravel in a corner.  They could have both avoided crashing by following a few simple steps. Ride a little slower, and look further ahead. The trick is to ride only as fast as you can see, because you should always  be able to bring a bike to a safe stop in the distance you can see ahead. When you enter a corner, enter it wide and at a conservative speed, then speed up once you can clearly see the exit. Slowing down and paying more attention are the overall key to safe motorcycling. Not matter how fast or talented of a rider you are, or how much experience you have had, you should always ride below your absolute limit.

In order to become a safe, fast rider, you need to get to a point where you can go fast within the margins of your own ability. If you need a reference to where safety ends and danger begins, think of this: anytime you feel like you’re going fast, you’re going to fast.

Finally, make sure you wear the right safety gear. Wearing gloves and helmets can often protect you and keep you from getting seriously injured in a crash.

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