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Archive for July 2014

Knowing the Statute of Limitations

The deadline for filing a lawsuit is called the Statute of Limitations. Most lawsuits are required to be filed with a Court or Government entity within a certain time frame. Once the statute of limitations on a case expires, the legal claim loses is ability to move forward for disposition.

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Constitutional Court Strikes Down Medical Treatment Requirement Clause

There is a provision in the new health care law requiring people who do not want certain medical examinations or procedures to get a psychiatrist’s confirmation of their mental capacity. The Constitutional Court struck down this clause, because they consider the requirement to obtaining the professional opinion of a psychiatrist to be a restriction of…

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F.B.I. Brands Autonomous Cars As Potential Lethal Weapons

The FBI has branded self-driving cars, also known as autonomous cars (auto cars), as potential lethal weapons increasing the potential for car accidents nationwide. A Freedom of Information Act request found a report revealing the FBI’s opinion on autonomous vehicle technology. This unclassified, yet restricted report, suggested that autonomous cars would transform what both law…

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How To Safely Ride A Motorcycle

Wes Siler, a writer for Gizmodo, had two friends hurt themselves in motorcycle accidents over the same weekend. Both crashes were avoidable. Siler’s friends are new riders, both trying to ride the proper way- wearing safety gear and riding within their limits. Both of them crashed for the same reason- gravel in a corner.  They…

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Brought Against ‘Midnight Rider’ Production

Sarah Jones, a camera assistant on the indie feature, Midnight Rider, was killed in a train collision during filming on February 20th. Her parents, Richard and Elizabeth Jones, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit on the behalf of their daughter’s estate.  The defendants in the case include the director/producer, Randall Miller and producer wife Jody…

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