How to Track Down A Doctor’s Medical Malpractice Track Record


Whenever you need any sort of medical work done, it’s important to find out at much as you can about your doctor. Not only do you need to research his credentials, experience and abilities, but also make sure he doesn’t have a track record of disciplinary problems or malpractice.

This sort of information can be hard to come by. A doctor can amass malpractice track records in one state, and then move to another state, where,after getting a new license, he/she gets a blank slate.

Physician rating sites can also be inconclusive, as many surgeons won’t accept patients that are at higher risk for problems, which will help them get a higher success rate.

On the other hand, many lawsuits can be frivolous. For example: If a woman with no prenatal care sues her obstetrician because her baby is born with an abnormality, the fault doesn’t necessarily lay with the doctor. The doctor’s reputation may be sullied because the woman doesn’t want to take responsibility for her actions.

Here are some simple steps to help you research malpractice and disciplinary actions online:

  • Choose the doctor you want to research
  • Go first to your state’s medical licensing board, and search for your doctor.
  • Leverage any information you find by doing a search in a search engine. You can add the words malpractice, lawsut, sanction or problem combined with your doctors name.
  • Don’t simply trust information provided by the doctor himself.

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