Orange County Day Cares May Get Car Accident Barriers

KML-childrenatplay_131404550Lily Quintus, age 4, died after she was struck by a hit-and- run driver who crashed into the orange county daycare center she was at. Fourteen other victims suffered severe to minor injuries. Following this car accident, Orange County Mayor announced that a group had been formed to evaluate the risk of car accidents at day cares, playgrounds, and elder-care facilities.

The study will be led by County Public Safety Coordinator Linda Weinberg, and will include the testimony of zoning experts, safety engineers, and other county specialists.

One task will be to find out how many daycares, seniors centers and playgrounds are near busy roads and intersections in the county. There are no national standards for traffic barriers at day-care centers, but Jacobs hopes that they can set precedents that their municipal partners will adopt as well.

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