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Archive for May 2014

New Bill to Grant Hawaiian Government Unprecedented Emergency Powers

A new bill, HB 849, may grant unprecedented emergency powers during a crisis to Hawaii’s governor and four county majors. This bill, designed to to bring Hawaii’s emergency management plan to federal standards, would rename the state civil defense agency the “Hawaii Emergency Management Agency”, housing it under the Department of Defense. The bill would…

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Youth Traffic Safety Month Kicks Off With A Get There Safe Challenge

Until August 8th, teenagers across the nation will have a chance to show their safe driving skills by entering the #GetThereSafeChallenge. In order to demonstrate their smart driving, applicants have to upload photos of themselves or their destination, and select a specific driving behavior hashtag, such as #slowdown, #seatbelt and #nodistractions via the free #GetThereSafe…

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Three Injured in Freak Accident at Fix50 Project Site

Three Fix50 workers were injured in an usual construction accident. The construction workers were struck by a flying board, which had been knocked out of another worker’s hands by a big rig truck. The worker, who had been carrying the board, didn’t notice when the back of it swung over the concrete safety barrier, which…

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