Funeral Convoy Leads to Personal Injuries

Paul O’ Reilly, 47, was riding his motorcycle when he collided with a funeral convoy escorting former president Mary McAleese.  Reilly was thrown from his vehicle and landed on his knees and right hand side.

Reilly suffered some personal injuries – abrasions to the knees and elbows.  After several months of physiotherapy sessions he’s lost his €38,000 personal injury claim.  Barrister Niall Fitzgibbon, the attorney handling the case, filed a suit against the Minister of Finance for damages, stating his client denied liability.

Garda Walsh, who had been driving the motorcycle O’ Reilly had crashed into, is fighting back by saying he had been holding the line back at the convoy to make sure no civilian vehicles would pass him when he saw O’Reilly’s motorcycle approaching.  O’ Reilly insists that he had conducted a dangerous maneuver when he overtook Walsh on the left-hand side of the right lane.  Since Walsh is a government operative attorney Fitzgibbon feels that his client should have his medical bills covered.

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Whose at fault here?  Should O’Reilly receive his claim since this was a government-related issue or is he at fault and just sees an opportunity to make some dough?  Share your thoughts below.

Kenneth G. Marks is an Orange County, CA based personal injury lawyer.