Highway Pursuit Leads to Crash and 4 Personal Injuries

A highway pursuit ends in a brutal crash. Ricardo Perez, 28, and Andrea Shanelle Brandon, 18, of Orange County, CA, were fleeing officers on the 57 and 5 freeways and suspected of possession of a stolen vehicle, stolen property and felony evasion.

Four people were left with personal injuries and the I-5 had to be closed down for over 8 hours.

Personal injury lawyers have a ton of paperwork to sort through.  Seems that Perez had been pulled over earlier that afternoon and had refused to cooperate with the police officer.  Perez fled the scene in the possibly stolen white Ford F-250, which was being occupied by Brandon and a third occupant, identified only as an adult male.

Ready for this?  The chase ended with the 250 crashing into a Kia Optima, striking a divider, flipping and rolling several times, and Perez being thrown out of the car during the crash.  The Optima driver suffered minor injuries, Perez was rushed to the hospital in critical condition – and was arrested upon release – with Brandon and the third male occupant being admitted clinically with minor wound.  Brando was arrested after her release as well.

But the 8-hour freeway shutdown created a pandemonium.  Tons of angry commuters protested since the incident occurred the day after the Thanksgiving holiday.  CHP officials state that the closure was required to allow investigators and attorneys to preserve evidence that could be used to prosecute Perez or defend against litigation.

To read more visit the OC Register.

Thoughts?  Were you caught in the traffic jam?  Have you ever been involved in a highway pursuit?  Comment below.

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