Attorneys Tackle Medicare Personal Injury Scam

Dr. Kenneth Thaler, 61, a respected medical physician has been locked up.  Thaler, who has resigned his practice license, is expected to serve one federal year in prison for conspiring in a Medicare fraud scheme.  Due to his cooperation with federal authorities his initial, much longer sentence has been reduced.

Thaler had been admitting homeless patients with supposed personal injuries to the Tustin Hospital and Medical Center in Orange County, CA.  He would recruit the patients from Skid Row in Downtown LA and then receive kickbacks from the Tustin Hospital who would abuse the Medicare program.

How did this all go down?

After the patients were admitted, Thaler and the hospital would charge Medicare and Medi-Cal for services that were never performed.  Now in part to prosecuting attorneys Thaler has to “kick-up” about $11 million to reimburse the Medicare program.

Previously Estill Mitts and Vincent Rubio, the Tustin Hospital’s former chief financial officer, pleaded guilty to similar acts.  Now an ongoing investigation is being conducted.

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Kenneth G. Marks is an Orange County, CA attorney.  He does not masquerade as an FBI agent but likes the X-Files.