Attorneys Tackle Bank Fraud Scheme

Two men were sentenced to 25 years each after being prosecuted for stealing the identities of hundreds of people.  No sweat off their backs, though.  These two jokers are already serving time in federal prison.

The convicts, Angus Brown, 36, and Arman Sharopetrosian, 33, were conducting a bank fraud scheme from behind prison walls, conspiring to cause at least $8 million in losses with the identities of victims in Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernandino counties, plus in Arizona, Texas, and Nevada.  Their previous conviction?  Also, bank fraud

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph McNally says, “The court’s sentence is a strong message to serial identity thieves and fraudsters that their conduct will be met with stiff consequences.”

Sure, but what’s going to prevent these guys from doing this again behind bars?

Personal attorneys are unavailable for comment.

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Kenneth G. Marks is an Orange County, CA attorney with more than 30 years handling cases.