Attorneys Claim Arson in Multiple Car Fire

A whole row of cars has gone up in flames!

A 2010 Honda Accord blew up and wrapped its flames around a line of parked cars, including a nearby building.  Authorities are saying that it’s a victimless crime, but even though no one is suffering from personal injuries, the insurance companies are suffering.  Turns out investigators are saying arson is the culprit; evidence is pointing at the fire being started from the inside of the car.

Judging by the size of the paint bubbles on the vehicle, investigators have been able to pin point that the fire began near the driver’s seat before moving through the engine.

Why would anyone do this?  Cap. Marc Stone of the Fire Authority points out, “Fire investigators have found several occasions where a vehicle owner has had financial problems and decided to burn their own vehicle for the financial gain,” Stone said.

Can we say insurance fraud?

Orange County, CA based personal injury lawyer Andrew De la Flar says that with the knowledge gained from the incident and with the probable cause of the fire in mind he hopes to prepare for future cases involving vehicle fires.  “I need to be as well-versed as I can in a field like this to confidently represent my clients.”

What do you think?  Do cars just explode randomly or did someone set this fire ablaze?  What are your theories?

To read more about the investigation head over to the OC Register.

Kenneth G. Marks is an Orange County, CA attorney.  He does not masquerade as an FBI agent but likes the X-Files.