One Employee Killed, Other Suffers Personal Injuries During Industrial Accident

These guys clearly don’t know what they’re doing…

A Fontana plant is under investigation after the second industrial accident in three months involving a worker losing a leg.  The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is saying no big deal – that it’s common to have two leg amputations at one workplace during a three-month span.  Keep that in mind next you try to land a job at beauty supply store.

Personal injury lawyers are trying to figure out if criminal charges against the plant should be filed.  The D.A. points out, “Whenever someone is hurt or killed due to violations of workplace safety regulations, the district attorney will investigate and prosecute those cases where the employer/business didn’t follow the rules.”

Officials for the plant can’t be reached for comment.

According to police, Fernando Quezada, who was killed in the incident, was working on a high-gauge cable that snapped, striking him and another man.  Quezada was smacked on the head and the other man lost his leg.

Are these random circumstances or is this plant not following safety procedures?  Chime in your voice.

To read more about these calamities head over to Contra Costa Times.

Kenneth G. Marks is an Orange County, CA personal injury attorney.