Attorneys Say Double Agent Not An Agent

Prosecuting attorneys are baffled.

A Seal Beach woman has just been found guilty of masquerading as an FBI agent.  Little did she know that FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation and not False Boarding Impresario as she may have thought.

That’s right.

Karen Hanover scammed victims, promising them ownership in real estate by holding seminars for potential investors in Southern California, Dallas and Las Vegas.  If convicted, Hanover’s looking at 60 years in federal prison where she will still be allowed to impersonate an FBI agent, though her attorneys don’t recommend it.

After using software to disguise her voice to sound like a male agent, Hanover finally let her guard down when a woman threatened to take her fraud complaints to authorities.  Hanover responded with forceful intimidation.

The emotional scars…the personal injuries Hanover marked upon her prey can’t be nursed.  California-based lawyers are now handling the case.  Hanover is currently dealing with six months in prison for her obstruction of justice.

To read more check out the OC Register.

Have you been duped by a similar con artist before?  Have you impersonated an FBI agent yourself?  Where did you get the suit?  Was it comfortable?  Let us know.

Kenneth G. Marks is an Orange County, CA attorney.  He does not masquerade as an FBI agent but likes the X-Files.