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Archive for January 2013

Personal Injury Lawyer Jailed After Bribing a Judge

Jose Santiago “Jim” Solis, a 47-year old former Texas state attorney has pleaded guilty in aiding extortion by a public official. Solis had paid State District Judge Abel Limas $8,000 for favorable judicial rulings in a personal injury case involving a helicopter crash.  The case, which was settled for $14 million dollars, ensured Solis, Limas…

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Funeral Convoy Leads to Personal Injuries

Paul O’ Reilly, 47, was riding his motorcycle when he collided with a funeral convoy escorting former president Mary McAleese.  Reilly was thrown from his vehicle and landed on his knees and right hand side. Reilly suffered some personal injuries – abrasions to the knees and elbows.  After several months of physiotherapy sessions he’s lost…

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The Disabled Lawyer Up With ADA Lawsuit

The Americans with Disabilities act, which enforces accessibility requirements for the disabled, has been getting major media coverage; politicians are seeking to scrap the act while the disabled are filing lawsuits in protest for enforcement of the act. Semi Lentin, a 64-year old author/filmmaker born and bred in New York, is one plaintiff in a…

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Highway Pursuit Leads to Crash and 4 Personal Injuries

A highway pursuit ends in a brutal crash. Ricardo Perez, 28, and Andrea Shanelle Brandon, 18, of Orange County, CA, were fleeing officers on the 57 and 5 freeways and suspected of possession of a stolen vehicle, stolen property and felony evasion. Four people were left with personal injuries and the I-5 had to be…

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Attorneys Tackle Medicare Personal Injury Scam

Dr. Kenneth Thaler, 61, a respected medical physician has been locked up.  Thaler, who has resigned his practice license, is expected to serve one federal year in prison for conspiring in a Medicare fraud scheme.  Due to his cooperation with federal authorities his initial, much longer sentence has been reduced. Thaler had been admitting homeless…

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Attorneys Tackle Bank Fraud Scheme

Two men were sentenced to 25 years each after being prosecuted for stealing the identities of hundreds of people.  No sweat off their backs, though.  These two jokers are already serving time in federal prison. The convicts, Angus Brown, 36, and Arman Sharopetrosian, 33, were conducting a bank fraud scheme from behind prison walls, conspiring…

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Attorneys Claim Arson in Multiple Car Fire

A whole row of cars has gone up in flames! A 2010 Honda Accord blew up and wrapped its flames around a line of parked cars, including a nearby building.  Authorities are saying that it’s a victimless crime, but even though no one is suffering from personal injuries, the insurance companies are suffering.  Turns out…

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Attorneys Say Double Agent Not An Agent

Prosecuting attorneys are baffled. A Seal Beach woman has just been found guilty of masquerading as an FBI agent.  Little did she know that FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation and not False Boarding Impresario as she may have thought. That’s right. Karen Hanover scammed victims, promising them ownership in real estate by holding…

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