Reckless Man Injures Himself in Car Accident with 1-year-old Daughter

A reckless driver in St. John’s County, Florida is facing charges of culpable negligence after crashing his car into a pole with his one-year old daughter inside.  A deputy witnessed the incident.

The driver, Kenneth Leonard Johnson, who suffered non-life threatening personal injuries, had been speeding at a registered 115 miles per hour in a 55 mph limit zone.  The deputy reports that he attempted to stop Johnson only to watch him lose control of the car and strike a telephone pole.  The car immediately caught fire.  After the police arrived they discovered the man pulling his small child from the car.

Injury attorneys at the moment are unavailable to comment.

What do you think of this incident?  Could this have been avoided?  Why was Johnson driving so carelessly?

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Kenneth G. Marks is an Orange County, CA personal injury attorney.