Parents Hire Personal Injury Lawyer to Tackle Infant Case

With the help of a personal injury lawyer, two California parents have filed a lawsuit against a U.S. Army hospital, claiming that their infant suffered birth injuries in the delivery room.

According to the parents the hospital staff committed a series of missteps during the woman’s labor.  At one point the fetus’ heart rate came to a halt and a vacuum extraction was used to elevate the infant’s head through the abdominal wall, resulting in a suspected brain hemorrhage.

The parents who are claiming the child is suffering cerebral palsy due to this medical malpractice are asking for $50 million in compensation for the child’s injuries.  With the help of their birth injury attorney the parents wish to appease their pain, suffering, mental anguish and a lifetime of special care for the child.  The United States is being listed as a plaintiff.

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Since this was a U.S. Army delivery room, should the government be held responsible?  Should the physicians’ license be revoked?  Let the controversy begin below.

Kenneth G. Marks is a Personal Injury Attorney based out of Orange County, California.