A Sign of God Leads to Personal Injuries

A faith-driven man, David Jimenez, 45, had his leg crushed by a 600-pound crucifix at a church, resulting in six-figure medical bills.  Jimenez, who emigrated from Mexico, started praying to the cross outside the NY church after his wife was diagnosed with cancer.  Treatment cured the cancer and Jimenez was swayed by faith.

Apparently God had other results in mind…

With son in town, Jimenez had plans to wash the marble statuary when it snapped from its base and crushed his right leg.  Jimenez, who worked as a deliveryman for a pizza parlor and a bakery, was left unemployed with his right leg amputated.  The church is now being sued with Jimenez stating that the crucifix wasn’t screwed to its base properly.  “There was no anchoring system, just that one screw.”

Now Jimenez is the one whose been properly screwed.

Frank Raia, of a law firm representing the church, won’t discuss case details.  God’s attorneys are also unavailable to comment, taking what’s commonly referred to a “vow of silence”.

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