Personal Injury Lawsuit Climate Overcast with a Slight Chance of Rain

Personal injury lawyers are suffering their own grievances: headaches.

A lawyer-backed legislation is being fought over: who can sue whom and collect what.

Lawyers are fighting against business, professional and insurance lobbies re: bills covering pain and suffering damages, medical malpractice and even negligent handling of insurance claims.  Basically, if there is a lawsuit to be made then it shall be filed.  A Supreme Court decision has limited recovery of medical costs to ones actually paid opposed to what medical care providers bill.  The opposition to state attorneys want this overturned.

The California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse is saying that the lawsuit climate in California is just like the air its citizens breathe: smoggy.  “California is one of the most litigious states in the nation. How bad is it? It’s bad. Nearly 1.4 million lawsuits are filed in California every year.”

With state budget crises taking a toll, courthouses are becoming a battlefield of accusations.  Thoughts?  Inform us below.

To read more visit The Sacramento Bee.


Kenneth G. Marks is a Personal Injury Attorney based out of Orange County, California.