Worker Bee Bumbles; Winds Up Cooked to Death

Hansel and Gretel have been one-upped…

Tragedy strikes: Jose Melana, 62, a Bumble Bee seafood worker, was cooked to death in an industrial oven.  Details are hazy and Erika Monterroza, a spokeswoman for the California Division of Occupational Safety and Hazard says she’s unsure how Melana wound up in the steamer machine.

An investigation has been launched.

Personal injury lawyers are consoling the family.  His son, Antonio Melana, is trying to come to terms with the accident.

“It’s hard to believe what’s going on. And what’s happening. It’s just been really tough,” the son said. “He was just grateful he had a job, that he could pay his bills and provide food for his family.”

Bumble Bee Foods VP of Human Resources Pat Menke has written a statement consoling Melana’s family.

To read more visit the LA Times Blog.

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