Statistics Prove California Isn’t a Lawsuit Hungry State

California gets a rep for being a lawsuit-fixated state but new data provided by the National Center for State Courts’ Court Statistics Project proves that California ranks 28th in the number of civil suits per capita.  That’s 38% below the median of the group.

Bran Kabateck, incoming president of Consumer Attorneys of California clarifies, “This data flies in the face of the story we’ve been sold for years by the corporate lobby that California is somehow an overly litigious state.  That story is part of an ongoing attempt to intimidate Californians and their elected representatives into surrendering legal rights that protect consumers who have been injured or cheated.

In the fiscal year 2009-10 there were 162,297 “other civil complaints & petitions” statewide, with only 49,891 suits filed by personal injury lawyers, such as respected Orange County-based attorney Kenneth G. Marks, and clients dealing with property damage or wrongful death.

Clarifying stuff, indeed.  To read more check out this article on SF Gate.

Have you filed a personal injury lawsuit in California?  With litigators being concerned that the California court system is facing “unprecedented hard times – endless delays, court closures and justice denied” we’d love to hear your experience.  Comment below.

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